Thursday, September 17, 2009

What a Half a Year

Today Harper Belle celebrates six months of life on this earth. Many things have happened to her already...being born, growing, and moving (both across the room and across the country.)
After an extensive (some might use the word obsessive) and over the top photo session Harper and I talked about the list of accomplishments she wants me to share with all of you. So, in her own words...

*I have an incredibly infectious smile
*Of all my toys I love to put other people's shoes in my mouth the most
*I love mama's milk
*I love bananas
*I love peas
*Actually I just love eating
*I weigh 16 pounds (please see above)
*One of my favorite games is hide-n-seek-n-scare because my mama puts me down in one place and within seconds I can magically be found somewhere far away (like under the coffee table or behind the couch) and cause her to panic
*My sister,Madison, makes me laugh like no one else can
*I think gas is something I am exceptional at, as well as, hysterical
*Being swaddled puts me to sleep every time
*I have two teeth
*I like to use these two teeth on anything I can put into my mouth i.e. again other people's shoes
*I have an affection for my daddy's face and can pinch the bajeezees out of his cheeks and nose
*When I knock all of my toys off of my high chair tray I squeal loudly in delight at my accomplishment
*I have two dogs who I love, but for some reason keep there distance (again, please see above)
*My family is so blessed to have me in their lives

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  1. Precious Harper Belle! Happy 6 month birthday! She is just too sweet.