Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's a healthy, baby......

Yes, the arrow is pointing to his jewels. Of course, they she could have told us he was holding an umbrella and I would have said "oh, I think I see it!"
For those of you who are familiar with Matt's facial expressions...he was holding Harper and when our nurse made the announcement he looked like a five year old on Christmas morning. Priceless.

Here is his profile...already a looker!
Note to those who are as sonogram illiterate as me...this pic is on its side and he is facing the right hand side of the screen. So his head is at the bottom of the picture and then it goes up and shows his belly. Just turn your head a bit to the right and don't try so hard or you won't be able to find him!

Splish Splash

Harper Belle played in her splash pool this past week. Of course, in typical Thornton style the food came first...

This is about as close to the water as she was willing to get. It was a little chilly (cut us some slack...we are still getting used to this northern weather!)

The rest of the time was spent dumping the bubbles and playing in the mud puddle (gingerly.)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Beach

For Memorial Weekend we went to a Lake Erie beach, Mentor Headlands was in full swing! The water was surprisingly warm and the sand was hot and Harper thought delicious...
She wasn't quite sure of that first step into the water, but eventually got used to it.

The wistful teenager

156 Months

My baby turned 156 months this past weekend. That sounds a lot better to my ears than thirteen...time surely flies.
We celebrated with new friends, a late night, and a whole lot of giggling.