Friday, May 14, 2010

New Bed

Madison and I recently drove to IKEA in Pittsburgh to get her a loft bed for her bedroom. It was a great girls day with a big thanks to Gram for making the bed purchase happen. It only took us a week to put it together...much to Madison's dismay, but the results were awe inspiring.

Madison's room looks so much bigger and she has rearranged and decorated it fabulously. She only has about 15 inches between mattress and ceiling. Her bedroom ceilings were a little lower than we anticipated...oops.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1..2...and Introducing 3!

The first picture of all my kiddos, minus one face. Yup, I'm pregnant!

I am sure you have all been wondering why the blog has lagged in photos and humor lately. Blog time i.e. Harper Belle's nap time has become my "restypoo" time so that I actually see my family at night and don't konk out on them at 6:27 in my chair.
Hopefully with the recent completion of my first trimester I will have more energy and can get some pictures of our Texas trip on the blog.

Thornton #3 is due on November 17th and we look forward to welcoming our bundle in time for Thanksgiving. Maybe we will name it Squanto....


Throughout the winter months Matt has been growing out his beard. At first it was a test to see how long it would actually get (which was at least an inch and a 1/2 in all directions) then it became a necessity because of the absurdly cold weather. The results were the pretty hairy face above, or as my brothers referred to it, "he looks like one of those anarchist mountain extremist men from Montana." Wow, now if that doesn't make you want to repeat a look for a second winter I don't know what will.

We knew he was hiding some face behind all that thick, red, curly hair! The cutting of the beard was Matt's gift to Harper Belle on her birthday. Yes, many moons ago, but I finally got this posted on the blog! Here's to my smooooooooth baby faced man. Love you!
Now you just have crazed look in your eye of a vagabond with no gnarly beard to go with it. Yikes!