Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Sun...

About two weeks ago it snowed...again. Gray skies, cold wind, snow and more snow piled high. My excitement about our first winter and the wonder of the beautiful white blanket of flakes was quickly coming to an end. And just when I wasn't sure if I could stand it any longer...

The sun shone brightly and blissfully!

It was a sunny, warm, beautiful day with the sound of melting icicles dripping in the background as us girls sat outside and enjoyed the fresh air and soaked up the sun.
Harper had little interest in her toys and instead she only had eyes for what Madison was playing with.

Madison introduced Harper to a snowball...

Which, of course, went immediately in the mouth.
It was my favorite day in quite a while. The icing on the cake...the silver was a day in the sun, literally.

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