Monday, October 12, 2009

Harper's New Digs

I have been on a home improvement kick lately, unfortunately for my hubby this has not included obsessively cleaning the house! Instead I have been focusing on more cosmetic issues. One of the rooms on the "to do" list was Harper Belle's room/workout dojo (yeah, don't ask.)
Harper has recently begun sleeping in her own bed in order to sleep more than two hours at a time since she liked to just make sure we were still right in the bed next to her. Thankfully it worked! I thought that we should reward this new blissful sleeping behavior with a proper room. We had to get pretty creative in order to stay in our tiny budget, but Madison and I were definitely up for the challenge. Our results are documented below....




Madison and I made the mobile using sticks, paper, ribbon and beads

I love my new bed!! The banner my mom made describes my personality to a "t"

Harper in front of the toy chest we decorated with paper and paint

A huge thanks to all who contributed to making Harper's (all home made) room feel a bit more comfortable...
*Grandma Vicki for making the baby bedding blanket and hanging accessories holder that makes my mom think of her every time she sees it!
*Libby Latta for making the bedding bumper and pillow and for providing the color/fabric inspiration!
*Aunt Dana for passing on the toy chest and the many memories it holds!
Love you all and thank you for helping make this such a special place to be.


  1. I love your room Harper it looks so cute and cozy. You are so creative Cayce!

  2. "she's crafty and she's just my type"...obscure beastie boys reference. love love love you. and my incredible nieces and my big bear of a brother.